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Performance Testing The Strongest Tablet Mount Made

Best quality tablet mount
24 Jan 2016 / in Product News

By Maxx Mount Featured here for reference are three pictures from the field test we conducted on our standard tablet size mount, which will hold a full size Apple iPad and over 38 other similarly sized tablets. The vehicle shown in the pictures was always stationary  and was never taken on the road during the time our performance test […]

Curved phones ahead? Maxx Mount is not worried…

30 Dec 2013 / in Industry News

By M. Georgevich Based on some of the latest tech news making the tech blog rounds in the last few months, it would seem that several well-known phone manufactures have a type of curved phone in development or are actually getting ready to offer a curved phone on the market.  In the past whenever a […]

Press release: Maxx Mount smartphone automobile mount product review by Vault Feed

25 Oct 2013 / in Product Reviews

By Maxx Mount The Maxx Mount standard smartphone size automobile mount was featured in a product review published October 20, 2013 in the popular tech blog named We are pleased to report that our product was favorably reviewed and received a 4.6 star score out of a possible 5 star rating. In the write […]

Time for a tune-up: Apple increases iPhone 5s production, while reducing iPhone 5c

20 Oct 2013 / in Industry News

By M. Georgevich Since the initial excitement from the highly anticipated launches of Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c has now receded to a mild buzz, it has now become apparent the degrees to which the adoring public has accepted the two products. It seems that consumers are not as interested in the iPhone 5c as they […]

Apple Announces their new flagship smartphone: the iPhone 5s

13 Sep 2013 / in Industry News

By M. Georgevich Apple new product launches rarely live up to the pre launch hype, not because they aren’t excellent products, but because the hype and speculation is so overinflated. Yet in spite of all the pre-release hyperventilating, Apple always manages to keep a few surprises up their sleeve. The official announcement of the new […]

Apple changes direction: introducing the iPhone 5c…and the “C” stands for color

13 Sep 2013 / in Industry News

By M. Georgevich Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPhone 5c to a waiting market. According to Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing “ the iPhone 5c is everything iPhone 5 was and more, in an all-new design packed with great features” The “c” designation after the iPhone5 stands for color. Keeping the color scheme in […]