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New Product Announcement: Complete Suction Base now available for purchase in stores

Maxx Mount is pleased to announce that individual replacement suction cup bases are now available for purchase in retail store locations that carry our line of mobile mount products. Currently, all seven Iowa 80 locations now have stock of the new product including; Walcott, IA; Joplin, MO; Oak Grove, MO, Kenly, NC; Effingham, IL; N. […]

Are Dedicated GPS systems now extinct?

07 Mar 2019 / in Industry News, Public Interest

By M. Georgevich Due to the ubiquitous prevalence of smartphones today, the world of mobile electronics of today looks nothing like it did merely 10 years ago. Dedicated mapping apps like Google maps and Wayze to name a few, function in the same way as a dedicated GPS device and seem to make the need […]

Driving distracted — is it worth the risk?

27 Oct 2016 / in Public Interest

By M. Georgevich Because time is an increasingly limited commodity in our fast paced world, many people multitask while driving. On any given day a multitude of drivers across the country can be found using their commutes to eat or put on makeup. Even more drivers will spend time looking at the screen of their […]

Is There A Hidden Psychology Behind Smartphone Purchases?

smartphone cases from classy to retro
15 Apr 2016 / in Public Interest

By M. Georgevich Most of us have at one time or another wondered why some people prefer to own an iPhone versus an Android phone, or vice-versa. It is also probable that the majority of us would think the deciding factors of phone ownership would typically be the cost of the phone or its various […]