We believed there must be a better solution for mobile smartphone mounting after frequently being disappointed by the inadequate design, material quality and adjustment features of available mobile mounts.

After much consideration we realized that the ideal mount should multi-task, adapting to fit different device sizes while also having the flexibility to be positioned in every direction. This perfect mount should achieve these goals without sacrificing design or material quality. Most importantly, it should always stay firmly attached anywhere it is placed…to protect the device it’s holding from fall damage.

From these ideals, came the inspiration for the ultimate mobile mount. Guided by imagination, we began product development. After extensive design revisions and rigorous field testing our concept became reality, resulting in the Maxx Mount line of adjustable grip mobile mounts.

Our customer mission is to enable a reliable mounting performance for the end user, while providing the same level of manufacturing quality and industrial design they have come to expect from the vehicles and mobile devices they use.

Maxx Mount LLC is headquartered in Naperville, IL