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The product compatibility lists the most popular brands and models of devices that can be mounted with our products. Although we update the list weekly, is not exhaustive and lists only the most popular devices. Additionally, we have provided 2 other means by which anyone can determine which model of Maxx Mount is compatible with their device(s):

There is a size gauge on the back of each package that allows someone to determine if their device will fit in the mounting head by placing their phone against the gauge.
For those who prefer to use measurements, the maximum device length x width dimensions are displayed on the package back in a clearly marked dimension box.

Long term usage of the mount without moving it can lead to a slight adhesive residue being left behind. Should this occur, the water-soluble residue can be easily cleaned with a wiping cloth and a solution of soapy water made with liquid dishwashing detergent. Caution: Never attempt to clean adhesive residue left on a dashboard with a solvent of any kind as solvents can damage most plastic materials. Popular cleaning products such as “Goo Gone” contain solvents.

The clear circular-shaped plastic on the suction cup is a protective film put on in the factory to keep debris from getting into the patented high tack adhesive layer on the suction cup bottom. Before applying the mount to your selected surface, peel off the plastic film to expose the adhesive.

All sizes of gripping heads are interchangeable with all available mounting bases and mounting attachments.

(example: additional mount arms of different sizes to combine with a previously purchased mounting base)

Yes, please refer to our products page to order parts.

Rinse the suction cup adhesive bottom under running water while gently rubbing dust and debris off.

Allow the rinsed surface to air dry in order to restore the stickiness of the adhesive to its original state.