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Complete Suction Base

suction cup

Complete Suction Base

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Product Description

This Maxx Mount part is compatible with every automobile mount in our product line

Product Description:

The Maxx Mount suction base assembly can be used as a replacement for your original suction base.

Product Features:

  • The Maxx Mount suction base is the hardest working part of every automobile mount. It sticks securely to surfaces by combining durable adhesion with suction. The patented, reusable adhesive pad on the bottom of the suction cup firmly adheres to surfaces even before the suction cup is locked down.
  • Designed and tested to perform optimally under most environmental conditions. The recommended operational temperature range is from -10ºF to 115ºF  (-23ºC to 46ºC).
  • Our patented flexible adhesive layer enables each suction base to adhere to textured, non-porous dashboard surfaces of +/- 1mm.

1 review for Parts
Complete Suction Base

  1. 3 out of 5


    Tried to give it 5 stars but its not working. It totally deserves 5 stars.
    Have a Maxx Mount large smartphone mount, it will be the last mount I will ever need. I have in the past gone through about 10 or so other mounts. All of them without exception had one issue or another with the end result being me getting really mad and disappointed about wasting my money on yet another chinese made piece of crap. This mount is the first one I have owned that actually works and from the looks of it will last as long as my phone at least. I am getting another suction cup so I can move the mount between vehicles. No other mount that I know of has parts that you can buy—great friggin idea!

    In conclusion—–Maxx Mount rules—-chinese mounts YOU ALL SUCK

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