Are Dedicated GPS systems now extinct?

By M. Georgevich

Due to the ubiquitous prevalence of smartphones today, the world of mobile electronics of today looks nothing like it did merely 10 years ago. Dedicated mapping apps like Google maps and Wayze to name a few, function in the same way as a dedicated GPS device and seem to make the need for a stand alone GPS irrelevant. This would lead one to conclude that these devices while once useful are now redundant and no longer necessary. However, in the world of professional drivers, nothing could be further from the truth.

Trucking is said to be the backbone of the American economy, transporting materials and other goods throughout the country. Truckers know how important their GPS is since the information on smartphone map apps can occasionally be wrong or even conflicting with reality.

A global positioning system, or GPS, is a vital tool now typically utilized by professional to not only go somewhere they’ve never been before, but to get information on traffic and find the quickest route to a destination. Leading brands like Garmin, TomTom, Rand McNally, and Magellan have GPS models with just such unique specializations.

Besides assisting travelers through unfamiliar places, a GPS leads not just to a selected destination, but also to rest stops, gas stations, restaurants, and hotels along the way. Because so many feel as if these truck stops are a piece of home away from home, it is important to easily find them, and even read reviews before arrival. Specialized trucking industry GPSs now have the possibility of providing this information

Truck stops aren’t as minimal as they once were. Besides snacks and fuel, most are now equipped with restaurants and showers. The best equipped may even have various important services for those who make travelling their profession. The biggest truck stop in the world, Iowa 80, has everything from a barbershop to a chiropractor to a dental office included in their facilities.

For those who make their living on the road, a GPS is a crucial piece of technology and impossible to leave home without. Because many states have now implemented hands-free laws that prevent drivers from using a mobile device while operating a vehicle, it is important to use a properly mounted device in order to avoid violating federal and state driving laws. Mobile mounts also allow you to see your device at the perfect angle to avoid distraction while driving.

These are the very reasons why Maxx Mount has created 4 different-sized mounts that adjust to fit the majority of GPS, smart phone, and tablet models and are sturdy enough to withstand life on the road.

Rugged durability and the most powerful suction cup in the industry have made Maxx Mounts the preferred choice of professional drivers for smartphone, tablet and GPS mounting. In a world where dependable performance is not negotiable, drivers across the country trust Maxx Mount to get it done. To see if your GPS device is compatible with one of our mounts, please visit our Products page to verify which size mount will fit best with your device.