New Product Announcement: Complete Suction Base now available for purchase in stores

Maxx Mount is pleased to announce that individual replacement suction cup bases are now available for purchase in retail store locations that carry our line of mobile mount products. Currently, all seven Iowa 80 locations now have stock of the new product including; Walcott, IA; Joplin, MO; Oak Grove, MO, Kenly, NC; Effingham, IL; N. Little Rock, AR; and Hebron, OH. Also, the following TA/Petro stores have our new product offering in stock; Rochelle Petro in Rochelle, IL and White’s Travel Center in Raphine, VA. The complete suction base will be available soon at all nationwide TA-Petro travel center locations as well.

The Maxx Mount complete suction base assembly in individual packaging is the exact same OEM suction base that comes with every new Maxx Mount. It is intended to be used as a replacement for the original suction base when needed. Maxx Mount’s industry first and patented adhesive suction cup is the hardest working part of every automobile mount because it sticks securely to surfaces by combining durable adhesion with suction. Others are now imitating our suction cup design and we are flattered, but they cannot compare to the original Maxx Mount adhesive formula in quality and performance.

Maxx Mount recommends replacing suction cups once a year to maintain optimum performance. As with new, individually sold suction cups also have a one-year warranty. The new suction cup base is interchangeable with all Maxx Mount adjustable mounting products including; standard and large smartphone mounts, mini-tablet mounts and standard tablet mounts.

Are Dedicated GPS systems now extinct?

By M. Georgevich

Due to the ubiquitous prevalence of smartphones today, the world of mobile electronics of today looks nothing like it did merely 10 years ago. Dedicated mapping apps like Google maps and Wayze to name a few, function in the same way as a dedicated GPS device and seem to make the need for a stand alone GPS irrelevant. This would lead one to conclude that these devices while once useful are now redundant and no longer necessary. However, in the world of professional drivers, nothing could be further from the truth.

Trucking is said to be the backbone of the American economy, transporting materials and other goods throughout the country. Truckers know how important their GPS is since the information on smartphone map apps can occasionally be wrong or even conflicting with reality.

A global positioning system, or GPS, is a vital tool now typically utilized by professional to not only go somewhere they’ve never been before, but to get information on traffic and find the quickest route to a destination. Leading brands like Garmin, TomTom, Rand McNally, and Magellan have GPS models with just such unique specializations.

Besides assisting travelers through unfamiliar places, a GPS leads not just to a selected destination, but also to rest stops, gas stations, restaurants, and hotels along the way. Because so many feel as if these truck stops are a piece of home away from home, it is important to easily find them, and even read reviews before arrival. Specialized trucking industry GPSs now have the possibility of providing this information

Truck stops aren’t as minimal as they once were. Besides snacks and fuel, most are now equipped with restaurants and showers. The best equipped may even have various important services for those who make travelling their profession. The biggest truck stop in the world, Iowa 80, has everything from a barbershop to a chiropractor to a dental office included in their facilities.

For those who make their living on the road, a GPS is a crucial piece of technology and impossible to leave home without. Because many states have now implemented hands-free laws that prevent drivers from using a mobile device while operating a vehicle, it is important to use a properly mounted device in order to avoid violating federal and state driving laws. Mobile mounts also allow you to see your device at the perfect angle to avoid distraction while driving.

These are the very reasons why Maxx Mount has created 4 different-sized mounts that adjust to fit the majority of GPS, smart phone, and tablet models and are sturdy enough to withstand life on the road.

Rugged durability and the most powerful suction cup in the industry have made Maxx Mounts the preferred choice of professional drivers for smartphone, tablet and GPS mounting. In a world where dependable performance is not negotiable, drivers across the country trust Maxx Mount to get it done. To see if your GPS device is compatible with one of our mounts, please visit our Products page to verify which size mount will fit best with your device.

Driving distracted — is it worth the risk?

By M. Georgevich

Because time is an increasingly limited commodity in our fast paced world, many people multitask while driving. On any given day a multitude of drivers across the country can be found using their commutes to eat or put on makeup. Even more drivers will spend time looking at the screen of their smartphone while they are simultaneously attempting to drive. These driving habits all present a possible danger by temporarily removing a driver’s focus from the road ahead creating a hazardous condition commonly known as “distracted driving”.

In today’s world of technology where our mobile devices have taken a significant role in our day-to-day lives, there exists a constant temptation to use a smartphone while driving in an attempt to keep the familiar information stream flowing. Tasks associated with using a smartphone while driving are now responsible for thousands losing their lives throughout the country. However, of all smartphone related tasks texting while driving is the most dangerous, and is responsible for creating the most distracted driving accidents and fatalities.

The factor that makes any activities related to texting unsafe is the slowing down or delaying of reaction time. When drivers read or send a text message, their reaction time doubles. Sending or receiving a text requires looking away from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds according to, the official U.S. government website for distracted driving. At a speed of only 30 miles per hour, a vehicle will have traveled a distance approximately 202 feet in 4.6 seconds of time. It’s safe to assert that no one would agree to drive this far without looking at the road and yet people willingly do it everyday…probably without realizing what is occurring.

Well-documented statistics clearly show the consequences of trying to multitask while driving, and they are more serious than most would imagine. According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 9 people are killed each day in the United States as a result of distracted driving. Every day 1,123 people are injured in accidents as a result of texting while driving.

The reaction to this unacceptable reality has caused many states to take a stand against distracted driving by instating “hands-free” laws, which prohibit the use of devices while behind the wheel.**

**Refer to nationwide maps and corresponding color key for information on a state-by-state basis regarding distracted driving laws (Maps and data provided by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)


Teenage drivers are statistically the most likely group to text while driving. Although 85% of teens surveyed (NHTSA survey) support a ban on texting while driving and agree with the nationwide new laws that prohibit it, the problem is still very pressing across this generation. A prevalent attitude among this group is that despite what real world data shows, 77% of young adult drivers are somewhat to very confident that they can safely text while driving.

Surprisingly, teenage drivers are not the only demographic group whose actions do not seem to align with their beliefs. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, an estimated 40% of adults ages 40 through 59 years old admit to using their phone in the last month while driving. This shows that a simple notion of knowing what is correct doesn’t necessarily lead to the appropriate actions.

In order to effectively lower the risk of being involved in a collision caused by distracted driving, a few simple steps can be taken to greatly reduce the odds of the unwanted consequences that can occur while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle:

Option one: Turn off your cell phone. If there is a good reason it must be kept on but responding to a notification is too much of a temptation, your phone can be also switched to mute.

Option two: If you must have a phone or other device on while driving for reasons like navigation or streaming music, using a phone mount is the solution to glancing down at your device to view the screen. When a phone or GPS is properly mounted, it should be at eye level and out of the driver’s field of vision.

Distracted driving is not likely to go away anytime soon – if ever, despite the life altering consequences that are always a possibility. Legislation with painful penalties may motivate some people to change their ways, but we believe increasing the awareness of the consequences will have the best results. Every life is unique and important; therefore consideration should always be given as to how one person’s actions may affect someone else. Here at Maxx Mount it has always been our desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives with our products. We encourage everyone to make every effort to drive safe and drive smart.

Is There A Hidden Psychology Behind Smartphone Purchases?

By M. Georgevich

Most of us have at one time or another wondered why some people prefer to own an iPhone versus an Android phone, or vice-versa. It is also probable that the majority of us would think the deciding factors of phone ownership would typically be the cost of the phone or its various features. However, that may not always be the case. Smartphone purchases actually can reveal the underlying thought processes of the owner in an unexpected way.

There was a time when technology based products were chosen simply for the purpose of doing something and/or getting work done. Computers were used to solve complex mathematical problems and phones were for the express purpose of talking to someone else. In contrast, we now use our phones to watch movies, check the weather, play games, update Facebook pages…almost everything but talking to someone else. In these days of social media, political correctness, and consumer activism, technology products can also be an extension of who we are, they might even be chosen in order to convey a message about us to the world. What does your phone tell the world about you?

As the originator of the smartphone, Apple single-handedly created an entire new market for a device we never knew we needed. In doing so it changed the way the entire world works, plays and communicates forever. Apple owned the smartphone market for a few years until its competitors caught up. During that time it generated a very loyal base of customers who had not previously been exposed to their philosophy of seamless hardware and software integration and the resulting dependable product performance. Because of the expense of the iPhone and the prestige that was often associated with owning their cutting edge product, many iPhone early adapters were celebrities or people who wanted to make a statement about their net worth or importance. Even today it is still somewhat prestigious and “cool” to own an iPhone since is still widely regarded as a luxury device.

Faithful Apple customers are partial to the iPhone’s logical and simple user-friendly format…it works straight out of the box without a hassle. Apple is known for its commitment to quality and most iPhone owners appreciate the smooth and drama-free integration of their phones with Apples desktop and laptop machines.

The best selling phone in the Android market is any number of Samsung Galaxy iterations. It is commonly thought that Android devices typically reside in the hands of IT professionals and tech-oriented individuals who prefer unconstrained freedom without the restrictive operating system that Apple uses. They may also be partial to the Microsoft Windows operating system or might be running Linux or similar freeware systems on their PC computers. Many Android users employ custom ROM to run additional programs as well as fully customizing (modding out) their phone. A majority of this market segment is inclined to think that Android based phones have an advantage over other phones because they have the ability to expand phone memory and the battery can be easily swapped out if needed. Lastly, not to be overlooked is the economy of owning a typically more affordable phone…although in the last few years Samsung in an effort to compete with Apple for the premium smartphone market segment has made some pricey flagship phones in an apparent move to alter that perception

Regardless of your phone brand preference, Maxx Mount aims to please everyone by producing the highest quality auto mounts available. All of our mounts are equipped with an industry exclusive 360° rotating ball joint and cast aluminum socket behind the mounting head, an industry first adhesive coated suction cup base, and quick-release gripping arms that allow you to insert and remove your device in an instant. Our two smartphone mount models combined can adjust to fit to over 394 Smartphone and GPS models. Bring your phone in any type of case and we will do our best to carefully hold the phone you have chosen to reflect your personality or get the job done.

Visit our product page to verify which size smartphone mount will be compatible with your phone.