New Product Announcement: Complete Suction Base now available for purchase in stores

Maxx Mount is pleased to announce that individual replacement suction cup bases are now available for purchase in retail store locations that carry our line of mobile mount products. Currently, all seven Iowa 80 locations now have stock of the new product including; Walcott, IA; Joplin, MO; Oak Grove, MO, Kenly, NC; Effingham, IL; N. Little Rock, AR; and Hebron, OH. Also, the following TA/Petro stores have our new product offering in stock; Rochelle Petro in Rochelle, IL and White’s Travel Center in Raphine, VA. The complete suction base will be available soon at all nationwide TA-Petro travel center locations as well.

The Maxx Mount complete suction base assembly in individual packaging is the exact same OEM suction base that comes with every new Maxx Mount. It is intended to be used as a replacement for the original suction base when needed. Maxx Mount’s industry first and patented adhesive suction cup is the hardest working part of every automobile mount because it sticks securely to surfaces by combining durable adhesion with suction. Others are now imitating our suction cup design and we are flattered, but they cannot compare to the original Maxx Mount adhesive formula in quality and performance.

Maxx Mount recommends replacing suction cups once a year to maintain optimum performance. As with new, individually sold suction cups also have a one-year warranty. The new suction cup base is interchangeable with all Maxx Mount adjustable mounting products including; standard and large smartphone mounts, mini-tablet mounts and standard tablet mounts.

The Most Advanced Mobile Mount Gets Better:
Interchangeable, Individual Parts Are Now Available

by Maxx Mount

Yes, we now have parts available…

As a result of numerous repeated requests over a long period of time, we are pleased to announce that our online store now has individual parts available for purchase to use in customizing our mobile mounts. Parts however, will not be available at retail locations.

One of our achieved goals at Maxx Mount was the development of a mounting system that would have interchangeable parts, allowing for easy to customization by having the ability to combine any part with any model. To keep things simple, we used the same size suction cup base on all of our mounts (four different models).

Interchangeable arm parts can be useful by changing the length of any mount. For example, if someone with a deep windshield area uses a large smartphone mount but the arm that came standard with the mount is too short, they can now replace the original smartphone arm. This can be accomplished by using one of the tablet arms make the reach of the mount longer, bringing the mounting head further out of the windshield area and closer to the driver for better visibility.

Stay tuned, individual heads are not available yet but will be coming at some point soon.

Our favorites: The top 3 New and Useful Features of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

By M. Georgevich

This update on the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes straight from the Samsung newsroom. As expected, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge provide a suite of new features that should make the devices more convenient to use. What follows here in our opinion are the top 3 most useful new features in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in order of importance.

Display Scaling

One of the new customizable settings is the DPI (Dots Per Inch) option. This allows users to choose between the default standard or a condensed display. Condensing the display shrinks controls, icons, and texts, but allows the visibility of more content on the screen at one time, making for easier multi-tasking

Customizable App Shortcuts on Lock Screen

To further maximize easy use, two apps can be saved in the lower corners to be accessed from the lock screen on both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Whichever apps you favor the most, whether they are built-in apps like the camera, the dial pad, photo gallery, or even third-party apps including Facebook and Instagram, the newly launched Galaxy models can now accommodate you with fast access.

Multiple Lock Screen Images

Do you remember the days when you had to pick only one photo for your lock screen? Another feature making its debut is a clean looking lock screen, free of a time and date display and other information that can occlude the view of a nice lock screen wallpaper display. Samsung owners will now be able to select multiple images from their gallery to vary the look of the lock screen each time it appears. This new feature allows up to 30 different chosen images to be displayed as alternating lock screen wallpaper. Each time your phone is locked, the lock screen changes to one of the previously saved photos.

Long pressing the display while the lock screen is on makes the time and other information on the display disappear leaving only the wallpaper image–thus allowing your lock screen image to be displayed without interference from any other on-screen information. To make these things visible, one simply presses down on the screen until they appear. Another long press hides them again, leaving you with only your background photo.

In our opinion, the latest versions of Samsung phones come loaded with features reminiscent of an old DVD remote control. There are plenty of buttons to press but odds are you will only ever use 3 or 4 of them regularly. The question then becomes how many will you actually use?

Whether you have chosen a Galaxy 7 for the upgraded hardware functions or the software features reviewed above, one thing is certain: if you are using your phone while driving, for safety and utility it should be secured in the best mounting system available. The Maxx Mount adjustable grip mounting system is the most innovative and sturdiest available. We believe as many have observed that it is simply the best mobile mount on the market. Our large smartphone size (AM-LSP) firmly holds both of the new galaxy 7 phones either with or without a case.


Maxx Mount Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and SE product compatibility update

By Maxx Mount

In the latest news from the Apple universe, Maxx Mount announces that both of our smartphone mount models are fully compatible with all of Apple’s newest products: the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Following these launches, Maxx Mount assures existing customers and potential buyers that both of our smartphone mount models will fit Apple’s newest phones. At last count, our smartphone mounts will hold the a combined total of over 370 devices.

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models were presented at the September 2015 Keynote event, impressing the audience with new features. The newest features of note for both 6s models include 3D touch, a new rose gold color edition, improved quality camera, and an overall faster processing system.

The iPhone SE (standing for special edition) was introduced at Apple’s March event, following requests from customers for an updated version of the 4-inch phone. Although it has the same screen size as the iPhone 5 series of phones, it provides users with the latest processor, the camera and video specs of the existing iPhone 6 models, and is available at a lower price than other iPhones with the same processing specifications. The SE has been moving very briskly…it actually has been selling out in many Apple stores. This could be an indicator of the popularity of the smaller screen or maybe the more affordable price point.

To make the most of every innovative feature designed into your Apple smartphone and for the best mobile mounting performance, we recommend our standard smartphone sized mount model for the iPhone SE with or without a case as well the iPhone 6s without a case. Our large smartphone mount will securely hold the iPhone 6s if the outside dimension has been increased by having a case. The large smartphone mount will also hold the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus either with or without a case.

For more detailed fit information on any model smartphone please refer to our product page for each corresponding mount model.


Spotlight on The Genius of Apple’s Smartphone Product Line

by M. Moran

Maxx Mount is proud to manufacture mounts that adjust to hold all of Apple’s Smartphone and tablet products. Our goal is to make versatile products that adjust to hold nearly every popular brand and model of smartphone, tablet and GPS.

One of our largest markets are Apple smartphone users, due to the iPhones far-reaching popularity….a testament to Apple’s innate design genius. Apple’s commitment to improving their models on a regular timeline gives the company credibility and provides customers with a set date of when they can expect new products, building anticipation. The systematic method of naming products this way enables Apple customers to easily distinguish between each model. It also provides a logical and common sense method for identifying a model’s respective size, the age of the model, and what kind of features or processing power the model may have.

Another effective strategy used by Apple is the user-friendly model names, which logically increase each successive model by a single digit, and adding an ‘s’ to each extension of the existing product. An example of this deliberate and very effective model naming strategy can be seen in the following model names progressive list: iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6s, and iPhoneSE, etc…and of course more are on the way.

Our Standard Smartphone Auto Mount will hold: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, SE, and 6 and 6s without a case

Our Large Smartphone Auto Mount will hold: iPhone 6 and 6s with a case, 6 plus and 6s plus with or without a case.

To purchase or for more information on which mount will fit your phone, tablet or GPS, visit our site product page

Maxx Mount Aces King of The Hammers Extreme Torture Test

By Uriah Nazario

The sandstorm finally passed as the sun started to set over the peaks of Big Bear, CA. Unfortunately we were stuck far below in the barren armpit that was Johnson Valley. We were there as part of a pit crew for the #49 Mistress Racing team at the 2016 King of the Hammers. For those that are unfamiliar with the event, let it be known that this is the toughest race in the U.S. by far, and maybe the most demanding in the world. Sure it’s no Baja as it is condensed down to less than 200 miles but it is some of the most grueling four-wheeling and off-road racing you have ever seen.

At camp the crew sat around a small fire smelling the stench of the smoke, of what smelled I could only guess would be rotting hippie hair. Suddenly the race team summoned us…they needed their light bar, a spotter and some cold beer due to their suspension tuning tests running long. We had several buggies to choose from but one very fast and very well setup Razor ended up being the rig for the job.

The race team was about 30 miles south or more and the sun was almost down, this gave us a great excuse to haul through the whooping terrain of the desert as fast as the Razor would go. The problem is that we needed the coordinates for the journey off of my iPhone as it had the map on it. If you ever want to get real “car sick” real fast, try bouncing violently at 70 mph and operating the interactive map on your phone, it’s a similar feeling as to getting roughed up by some hoodlums while trying to play the game Operation. Fortunately I had my trusty Maxx Mount with me and so I simply attached it to the dash, strapped down the cooler and light bar and we took off!

I must say that when you have the feeling of zero gravity thanks to a “spirited” driver, your first thought is, if the roll cage will hold up in the almost certain event of a rollover and after you make promises you can’t keep to your deity, you then check to see if somehow miraculously your phone has not been given a mafia burial in the middle of this gigantic litter box. Yes folks, the Maxx Mount proved its worth as it held onto my phone like a clingy spouse, this was what I can only think to be one of the most enduring and extreme torture tests I could put it through.

Although my guts were swirling between the straps of the racing harness, my Maxx Mount held its place and made a living example of all the marketing promises that were previously unproven verbiage. We showed up to the racer with all our limbs and digits intact and had all the goods with us. So for this writer, I can say that my first real world test for the Maxx Mount Large Smartphone mount was a blazing success.

Performance Testing The Strongest Tablet Mount Made

By Maxx Mount

Featured here for reference are three pictures from the field test we conducted on our standard tablet size mount, which will hold a full size Apple iPad and over 38 other similarly sized tablets. The vehicle shown in the pictures was always stationary  and was never taken on the road during the time our performance test was conducted.

The purpose of the test was to see what the breaking/failure point of the mount would be. As it turns out, the mount never failed. We felt that considering the position the mount arm was in and the significant leverage generated from 10 pounds of cast iron hanging on it would be sufficient enough to ensure no one who owns a Maxx Mount would encounter any issues with the product breaking or coming off a windshield from suction loss.

In our 5 pound test, the mount was weighted with a 5 pound cast iron weight for a period of 48 hours. The mount arm was fully extended (it telescopes) and positioned at an angle that would generate maximum leverage and pull off force. At the conclusion of the test the suction cup had not released from the windshield and there was no mount failure.