Replacement parts for mount customization

The Most Advanced Mobile Mount Gets Better:
Interchangeable, Individual Parts Are Now Available

by Maxx Mount

Yes, we now have parts available…

As a result of numerous repeated requests over a long period of time, we are pleased to announce that our online store now has individual parts available for purchase to use in customizing our mobile mounts. Parts however, will not be available at retail locations.

One of our achieved goals at Maxx Mount was the development of a mounting system that would have interchangeable parts, allowing for easy to customization by having the ability to combine any part with any model. To keep things simple, we used the same size suction cup base on all of our mounts (four different models).

Interchangeable arm parts can be useful by changing the length of any mount. For example, if someone with a deep windshield area uses a large smartphone mount but the arm that came standard with the mount is too short, they can now replace the original smartphone arm. This can be accomplished by using one of the tablet arms make the reach of the mount longer, bringing the mounting head further out of the windshield area and closer to the driver for better visibility.

Stay tuned, individual heads are not available yet but will be coming at some point soon.