King Of the Hammers

Maxx Mount Aces King of The Hammers Extreme Torture Test

By Uriah Nazario

The sandstorm finally passed as the sun started to set over the peaks of Big Bear, CA. Unfortunately we were stuck far below in the barren armpit that was Johnson Valley. We were there as part of a pit crew for the #49 Mistress Racing team at the 2016 King of the Hammers. For those that are unfamiliar with the event, let it be known that this is the toughest race in the U.S. by far, and maybe the most demanding in the world. Sure it’s no Baja as it is condensed down to less than 200 miles but it is some of the most grueling four-wheeling and off-road racing you have ever seen.

At camp the crew sat around a small fire smelling the stench of the smoke, of what smelled I could only guess would be rotting hippie hair. Suddenly the race team summoned us…they needed their light bar, a spotter and some cold beer due to their suspension tuning tests running long. We had several buggies to choose from but one very fast and very well setup Razor ended up being the rig for the job.

The race team was about 30 miles south or more and the sun was almost down, this gave us a great excuse to haul through the whooping terrain of the desert as fast as the Razor would go. The problem is that we needed the coordinates for the journey off of my iPhone as it had the map on it. If you ever want to get real “car sick” real fast, try bouncing violently at 70 mph and operating the interactive map on your phone, it’s a similar feeling as to getting roughed up by some hoodlums while trying to play the game Operation. Fortunately I had my trusty Maxx Mount with me and so I simply attached it to the dash, strapped down the cooler and light bar and we took off!

I must say that when you have the feeling of zero gravity thanks to a “spirited” driver, your first thought is, if the roll cage will hold up in the almost certain event of a rollover and after you make promises you can’t keep to your deity, you then check to see if somehow miraculously your phone has not been given a mafia burial in the middle of this gigantic litter box. Yes folks, the Maxx Mount proved its worth as it held onto my phone like a clingy spouse, this was what I can only think to be one of the most enduring and extreme torture tests I could put it through.

Although my guts were swirling between the straps of the racing harness, my Maxx Mount held its place and made a living example of all the marketing promises that were previously unproven verbiage. We showed up to the racer with all our limbs and digits intact and had all the goods with us. So for this writer, I can say that my first real world test for the Maxx Mount Large Smartphone mount was a blazing success.