Is There A Hidden Psychology Behind Smartphone Purchases?

By M. Georgevich

Most of us have at one time or another wondered why some people prefer to own an iPhone versus an Android phone, or vice-versa. It is also probable that the majority of us would think the deciding factors of phone ownership would typically be the cost of the phone or its various features. However, that may not always be the case. Smartphone purchases actually can reveal the underlying thought processes of the owner in an unexpected way.

There was a time when technology based products were chosen simply for the purpose of doing something and/or getting work done. Computers were used to solve complex mathematical problems and phones were for the express purpose of talking to someone else. In contrast, we now use our phones to watch movies, check the weather, play games, update Facebook pages…almost everything but talking to someone else. In these days of social media, political correctness, and consumer activism, technology products can also be an extension of who we are, they might even be chosen in order to convey a message about us to the world. What does your phone tell the world about you?

As the originator of the smartphone, Apple single-handedly created an entire new market for a device we never knew we needed. In doing so it changed the way the entire world works, plays and communicates forever. Apple owned the smartphone market for a few years until its competitors caught up. During that time it generated a very loyal base of customers who had not previously been exposed to their philosophy of seamless hardware and software integration and the resulting dependable product performance. Because of the expense of the iPhone and the prestige that was often associated with owning their cutting edge product, many iPhone early adapters were celebrities or people who wanted to make a statement about their net worth or importance. Even today it is still somewhat prestigious and “cool” to own an iPhone since is still widely regarded as a luxury device.

Faithful Apple customers are partial to the iPhone’s logical and simple user-friendly format…it works straight out of the box without a hassle. Apple is known for its commitment to quality and most iPhone owners appreciate the smooth and drama-free integration of their phones with Apples desktop and laptop machines.

The best selling phone in the Android market is any number of Samsung Galaxy iterations. It is commonly thought that Android devices typically reside in the hands of IT professionals and tech-oriented individuals who prefer unconstrained freedom without the restrictive operating system that Apple uses. They may also be partial to the Microsoft Windows operating system or might be running Linux or similar freeware systems on their PC computers. Many Android users employ custom ROM to run additional programs as well as fully customizing (modding out) their phone. A majority of this market segment is inclined to think that Android based phones have an advantage over other phones because they have the ability to expand phone memory and the battery can be easily swapped out if needed. Lastly, not to be overlooked is the economy of owning a typically more affordable phone…although in the last few years Samsung in an effort to compete with Apple for the premium smartphone market segment has made some pricey flagship phones in an apparent move to alter that perception

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