The Predicament:
The mobile technology revolution made the everyday use of smartphones, mobile GPS and tablets widely popular, and produced a lasting impact that was experienced worldwide. These technologies were intended to streamline our lives, enabling us to focus our energies in an era when we are all striving to accomplish more in less time.

Despite these advancements, the mounting accessories that many have counted on to help them make the most of these time saving tech devices have not proven to be as convenient.

Today’s selection of device mounts exhibits serious limitations. They frequently adhere poorly to surfaces and are typically designed to fit only one brand and model of device. Most are engineered to have a short service lifespan, and as a result are prone to premature breakage. These same designs often lack a complimentary appearance that integrates with the design stylings of both your vehicle and mobile device.

The time has come for a mobile device mount that doesn’t limit the potential of the devices it holds.

Our Idea:
It started simply with an idea: that the usefulness of smartphones and other mobile devices should not be limited by the mounting accessories that were supposed to maximize their potential. Until now, this has always seemed to be characteristic of the device mounts currently available in market.

When we developed Maxx Mount, our primary goals were to accomplish device holding versatility while enabling the flexibility to use the mount in a variety of installation locations while offering a visually appealing design that would complement the impressive performance of the mounting system.

After extensive design revisions and rigorous field research, our concept became a reality, resulting in the Maxx Mount adjustable grip mounting system of mobile device mounts.  The Maxx Mount line of mobile device mounting accessories look and work great while enhancing the hardworking mobile devices they hold.

The Solution:
Instead of being designed to fit only one specific device model, our mounting system was created to accommodate a range of different sized devices with one mount. Our  mount head holds devices by using movable, spring-tensioned gripping arms. It can do this with or without any type of case covering the device. Each mount features a movable ball and socket joint that utilizes a cast metal socket. This results in the maximum service life of any available device mount. When fitted with a suction base, a Maxx Mount adheres to surfaces with more than just suction. A layer of proprietary, renewable adhesive is applied to the bottom surface of every suction cup. This vastly increases the suction cup’s holding power and can be refreshed if adhesion lessens, simply by rinsing in water and air drying.

The Maxx Mount line of accessory mounts combines durable materials with precise engineering specifications to ensure a reliable performance. In the event that you ever upgrade to a different device of the same relative size, you can continue to use the mount you already own since it will adjust to fit your new equipment. In fact, Maxx Mount will dependably do what no other mobile mount is likely to do: hold your current device and your future upgrades.